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SPORTS DIGEST: Magic leaves the Lakers wondering what happened –

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I particularly like Dallas, the Lakers and Philadelphia as potential destinations. will target him, but it’s unclear how much they will need to offer him to make the Magic think twice about.

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With NBA free agency set to start at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Wednesday and the los angeles lakers looking to turn the tide of their recent misfortune, their president and governor, Jeanie Buss, agreed to.

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And now this. The Los Angeles Lakers, the team with arguably the best player on the planet and a shit ton of cap space/young talent is less of a destination for a potential head coach than the Phoenix Suns. That sentence doesn’t even make sense and yet that is the reality for the Lakers and their fans right now.

Magic Johnson's surprising decision to resign as the Lakers'. Anyone wondering exactly what happened to this year's the Lakers has several.

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Here are the 99 most fascinating things about the wayne gretzky trade. Material. Jerry Buss, Lakers owner and former Kings co-owner, when asked if this was a bigger night than when he signed Magic.

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Magic Johnson, the beloved former point guard behind five world titles for the Los Angeles Lakers, announced Tuesday night he was quitting.

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