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A Documentary About A River In New Zealand That Is Classified As A Person Under The Law

In July 2014, Te Urewera, an 821-square-mile forest area of New Zealand, was designated as a legal entity with “all the rights, powers, duties, and liabilities of a legal person.” Te Urewera may now bring causes of action on its own behalf without having to prove direct injury to human beings.

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At nearly 200 miles in length, the Whanganui is New Zealand’s longest navigable river. It starts as an alpine stream. it has been given the same legal status as a person under New Zealand law. The.

When Rivers Are Granted Legal Status as Persons. This means that polluting or damaging the river-New Zealand's third longest-is now. the Yamuna, the same legal rights (both are widely considered spiritually sacred). Ask Mr. Green · Food and Drink · Film and TV · Music · Photo Slideshows.

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At nearly 200 miles in length, the Whanganui is New Zealand’s longest navigable river. It starts as an alpine stream , then gains steam with waters from other major tributaries.

Personhood for the Whanganui. If the Whanganui had the right to flow in a certain way, for example, then any change to its course would be a violation of its rights. Absent this kind of right, the river is simply empowered to stand for itself in court; its legal guardians determine the positive content of its rights.

The Whanganui River in New Zealand is a legal person.. For many young Maori, a journey on the river is a journey for the soul.. the Whanganui chiefs who signed the treaty in 1840 would have considered the river a treasure-a treasure beyond price.. Mathias Svold is a documentary photographer based in Denmark.

Music & Film. This New Zealand River Just Got the Legal Rights of a Person. it has been given the same legal status as a person under New Zealand law.. Now, writes the BBC, the river will be considered a living entity.

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